Thursday, June 21, 2018



Discovery's " On the Inside: High Tech Guns"

Associate Producer Rondo Mieeczkowski says "without the Rochester Film & Video Office, we may not have found Mike, who turned out to be a great PA."

National PBS series " Livelyhood"

"...thank both June and T.C. for there help during our recent shoot in Rochester at Kodak. I contacted your office for help finding a local soundperson, and T.C. immediately responded with five great recommendations and then followed up to see how prodution went. So keep up the good work - and I'll call you next time I'm in the Rochester area." - Cathleen O'Connell Producer "Livelyhood"

American Express Shoot

"...photographer Jim Erickson traveled to Rochester to do a photo shoot for American Express Financial Advisors. The production and trip were organized on short notice and thanks to the Rochester Film Office for helping secure locations quickly, the shoot was a great success. Thank You!" Gina Knepell, Studio Manager, Erickson Productions, CA

Green Lights

Co-Producer Gunilla Lieberman would like to ofter a "special thanks to the Rochester Film & Video Office for helping us explore post-prodution facilities."

What others have to say about us:

"The excitement of a terrific shoot and wonderful stay in the Rochester area have finally settled down. What we have now are great memories and some absolutely spectacular footage. We couldn't have done it without the cooperation, friendliness and professionalism of your office and the Rochester crew and actors... we couldn't have been more satisfied, and when we showed [the National Park Service] the unedited footage, the people in the room actually applauded. We hope we"ll have other opportunities to work in Rochester."
Allen Mondell
Cynthia Salzman Mondell
Producers, "Dreams of Equality"

"I have been working as a cinematographer for nearly 20 years and as a director for the last five. I have either scouted or photographed in most all of the United States. I have never experienced the degree of support and active contribution which you and your office have given us. Your planning, advance scouting and personal support turned an unpredictable shoot into a seamlessly executed event."

"We are all wildly enthusiastic about doing as much of our principal photography in your area as possible. The Rochester/Finger Lakes area is very unique in its range of visual beauty and variety of location possibilities. I am confident we will be able to find everything we are looking for with your support."
John Bailey, ASC

"I'm writing to extend a big thank you for the 'relentless' support you and your office gave to me and the crew from Japan. Your office provided such strong and consistent contact that in some cases you inspired ideas for content and then followed up with sources and introductions. I know the director, Mr. Tsuchihashi, will come back to the Finger Lakes for further installments of this feature."
Susan Milano, TV-Asahi

"This is the best film commission I've worked with. I've been all over the country, but that office is clearly the most organized and efficient."
Pamela Thomas, "Rescue 911"

"I can't tell you how much money, time and headaches were saved by your steering me to Rochester. I also don't think you could possibly realize how much we appreciated all your help, guidance and recommendations in our effort to produce our new video for MTV."
Donna Giles,
Spellbound Productions

"The Film Office was simply incredible...their professionalism and enthusiastic attitude were, without doubt, one of the best I've ever encountered. A tremendously valuable service."
Donna Lewis Walker,
Coca-Cola/McCann Erikson

"Would highly recommend this Film & Video Office to anyone considering work in New York State. Quickest and best response regarding crews, accommodations & locations. Keep up the good work!"
Paul Lesczynski, Producer MediAmerica